Monday, 31 March 2014

Day 34 #100happydays

As my term has finished, I enjoyed the luxury of working from home today, not having to put on make-up or any real effort.  Enjoying a stream of coffee and leo quite a reasonable level of productivity, even with a short nap in the middle.  That always seems to happen when I have to read a lot!

Day 32, 33 #100happydays

A lovely weekend...

Saturday The Menace and I went back to our old town, to pick up the car, and to catch up with some friends.  Whilst there we also booked him and his friend on a PGL holiday in the summer.   His first time away from me, on his own, not with other family - I am terrified for him, but also excited, and so is he.  He said he will be like Harry Potter, as The Other Half pointed out, "without the magic".

It seems a big step for me, but definitely the right thing for him.  We then came home via Toys R Us, where he informed me that we should always go there as Hamleys was overpriced, I know that, but pleased that he realised.

Then an impromptu night out with The Other Half, we were meant to go across town, but for various reasons didn't so we were "locals" and went to the Jazz Club, then our local pub, which has not been somewhere we have frequented.  I actually knew people in there, and a sense of belonging is such a nice feeling for me.

Sunday we did a big bike ride with lunch, and I cannot express what a lovely weekend that was.  So lovely, I forgot to take any pictures!  Also bumping into people on our bike ride, also gave me a sense of locality again, something I have missed since we moved.

It is nice to be home....

Friday, 28 March 2014

Day 29, 30, 31 #100happydays

It is the end of the week, and the end of my teaching for my first year in my new job.  I feel accomplished!

Been able to help students and teach new subjects and also settle into a new job. We went out last night to celebrate.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day 28 #100happydays

This mindfulness thing is tiring, but good for me.  My brain is constantly actively trying to be content, or restful of over anxious worry.  Not sure I did so well this evening, but nevertheless, all in all an okay day!

Too tired to keep working, so I am going to watch Philamena instead....
And here is a picture of my dog helping me!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Day 27 #100happydays

So Today is mundane Monday, the intrepid explorer has returned...with manflu.  We are all in a restorative state, just resting and peaceful.  The dog is enjoying the weather, and all the takeaways on Butterfield Green and I am generally feeling content, even if it is all rather uneventful.

I have been reflective on the habitual nature of emotions, I think we live in a stressful world and we apply the boom and bust to our emotions too.  This is hard work and not necessary!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day 26 #100happydays

Today the Menace swam in the swimathon.  Then we went out with everybody after.  We finished on a Harry Potterthon.  Lovely weekend!

I can't seem to get my photos to update, maybe tomorrow....

Interesting thoughts, over something I worried about, turned out to be nothing!  Must learn to control these thoughts!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day 24 & 25 #100happydays

Yesterday I had invited lots of the mums from school over.  This was a big thing for me, as I had felt uneasy (and a bit desperate) but I knew that as The Other Half was away I needed to spend the weekend at home, not always run back to my past, this wasn't very good for The Menace.  So there were 8 of us for dinner, and it was very enjoyable.  I made enough food for the whole class, but thats okay, we will eat a lot of curry this week.

I was still nervous today, but lots of texts and e mails indicate that people enjoyed it, and it was a worthwhile venture.  I also enjoyed the fact that I bumped into people this morning and know them.  I feel I have finally settled.

The Menace and I then met up with his old best friend for the afternoon, it was lovely, and i now feel able to mix both the past friends and have a present.  I feel I am beginning to live in the Here and Now!  Although I recognise it would be easy to slip back into old ways and I need to concentrate on my awareness of those emotions.

I hope The Other Half is enjoying his little break, I have enjoyed my time with The Menace, but I am looking forwards to his return.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day 20, 21, 22, 23 #100happydays

Oops, its been such a busy week that I forgot to fill this in!

Day 20 was my induction and I was also asked to write something for a press release, which I felt rather proud about. Day 21 I worked hard as I had a presentation on Day 22.  I felt very productive.  Day 22 I did my presentation, and it went well, so it felt like a successful day.  Day 23 I have felt tired all day, but happy with the progress of the week.  Also the other half is away so I am enjoying some one to one time with The Menace!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day 19 #100happydays

And this one is for today, on the right day!
Again a beautiful sunny day and I got up early and took out the dog, came back and persuaded everyone to come out with me on a bike ride to Victoria Park.  It was lovely, we got there, had pizza then came back.  What a lovely Sunday morning.  Then I dropped my son at a friend's and got on
with some work.

I took this picture on the way home, an appreciation of small space in London.

And sunshine!

Day 18 #100happydays

This is really for yesterday, I fell asleep last night!
For me, this blog is about learning to be content, not have a boom and bust attitude to feelings, which has tended to be my way.

So here is a picture of the park -

It signifies a rather chaotic, but happy walk with a friend and her new dog, and three children, all off in different angles and places!  It was lovely, just because it was a hive of activity and a sunny day.  I also helped an old man who fell over, he was very confused and we stopped, and that in itself makes you feel like a good citizen, but the other woman who stopped, also added how well behaved my son was, which is always nice, a moment of pride in your child, for standing there, holding the dog and waiting patiently, not complaining. Bless him!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Day 16 #100happydays

Today has not been productive, but I am not bothered! Wow, thats a nice feeling.  I ended up time slicing, trying to fit too many things in, but somehow, its okay, I just accept it.  Radical acceptance!  I like this mindfulness.

I saw this and I liked it!
And then I caught up with old friends for the evening.  That is always nice.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day 15 #100happydays

Today has been a lovely day, the fog lifted to glorious sunshine.  I had a good lecture, and then came home to a present!  Its been a difficult few days and my other half wanted to treat me. xx

Here is the dog enjoying the sunshine...

What a mess, I love his joie de vivre!

And I wanted to add this, I just think its a great sign, and I love it!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 14 #100happydays

I found this, this morning, snuck onto the spare bed!
I love my cheeky dog!

I wanted to put a photo of the man at Dalston Kingsland Station who talks to all the passengers, he cheers me up every day and makes me smile! But alas, he wouldn't let me.

So here is my healthy salad instead, which I did really enjoy!

Ovbiously that may have something to do with the bacon and cheese I then put on it.  But all those healthy seeds!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Day 13 #100happydays

This is a hard one, there's trouble t'mill, but I still need to find the happiness.  Well....
Its been a good day at work, I have got a lot done, part of my development that I have to do, lots of moderation and some other stuff too. Good!

I also had a lovely takeaway tonight.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Day 12 #100happydays

No pictures, just a sense of satisfaction.  I have been practising mindfulness, and today "radical acceptance" did not mean giving in, it meant being assertive but accepting the conflict.  That in itself made me feel accomplished.

I also got told that the students praised me in a committee, again a nice feeling, a validation of hard work and effort, that also feels good.

Day 11 #100happydays

Before I forget, this is for yesterday, I was too tired last night to fill it in.  We had just got back from a lovely weekend in Norfolk with friends from our old life, before we moved.

There was sunshine, friendship, good food, and plenty of wine!  What more could you want?  I think my friend would have liked a quick solution to her hangover, but a three hour walk on the coastline blew the cobwebs out for her!

And the dog had an excellent time!  The Menace left his beloved bear, but the woman is going to send it back to me, and he will be very pleased with that.  I think it will do him good to have some time apart from it and it has to happen at some point!

The kids enjoyed each others company, I can't think of anything more important than all of those things combined!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Day 10 #100happydays

I can't put up a photo for today, as my photos will not update, as we are away, having a lovely weekend in Norfolk.

We have walked for three hours, enjoyed a lovely meal and now we are relaxing for the evening.  It is good to catch up with friends and to appreciate their company!  And also to enjoy such fresh air and the feel of the sea in your hair - I pay good money for that look!  I will add the photos tomorrow.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 9 #100happydays

Today I feel enlightened, and although I have no image of happiness, I do feel happy!
Here is why:

This is a book I was encouraged to read to my son, when my husband was very ill and he (my son) was very anxious, and he didn't really understand it.  I thought I did, but I realised today I didn't.  I met with a counsellor yesterday as I know I have been feeling unhappy.  My rational self and my emotional self seem to be in two separate places, and as this book states, I have been carrying anxious worries with me everywhere.  I even see myself do it physically, I take all my work with me to work and back again each day, even though I know I won't get it all done, but just in case I have a miracle moment where I can speed read all the marking or learn to stretch time I carry it anyway, and I also do that with all my anxieties.  

I have also been reading up on mindfulness and I had a moment of radical acceptance this morning.  Most of my daily worries, they just don't matter, not now, not today, so why bother taking them with me, leave the bag of worries at home, don't carry it everywhere, and I had a much more pleasant and "light" morning walk. 

What a lovely feeling!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Day 8 #100happydays

I don't have a picture today, well, only tenuously.  Today I went to book club and caught up with old friends, and I really valued that time and those conversations.  We made a considerable effort to talk about the book, but also talked about many other things, and those are the conversations that I really enjoyed.  Food, wine and trusted conversation.  One being about whether you love animals or not.  I do, but I understand their place.  So here is my picture...

This is the picture of where the fox was that I saw.  Did we connect, when he looked at me, of course not, but watching his life made me feel serene, for that brief moment,  Even though really I know he is vermin and it means nothing.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Day 7 #100happydays

Sunshine, that makes me happy!

I just love it when the sun shines!

And now I am sitting here in the evening, working on the sofa (a guilty pleasure), in my PJ's watching House of Cards and marking.  Its also the first day of lent, and I am not using Twitter or Facebook during that time, so I have to focus on the world I live in.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Day 6 #100happydays

Pancakes, what is there not to like?

Actually they were very tasty, the Menace and I had both maple syrup, then followed by a second helping of lemon and sugar!  Yum.

And also lots done at work and a very pleasant interaction with some students, that made me feel confident. Alway good!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Day 5 #100happydays

Today I made pizza.  Firstly the Menace had friends around and the eating demands were complicated so we did build your own pizza, it was fun and they all chose to put faces on them.  Then I threw down the gauntlet and told them to have some 'no screens' play, the noise in the house went up considerably.

Having cheated with the kids I made pizza again for us, and made the dough, I had some image of professional pizza hood, but without the necessary tools, and having made the pizzas couldn't transfer them to the oven and I did not have a huge pizza spatula (or whatever you call them), we were in fits! It was those proper belly laughs, always so fulfilling!

Here they are, rather misshapen, but very tasty, and providing a good laugh!

And my other moment of happiness...having waited all morning for it, my delivery, of course arrived when I was in the shower!

I made the woman walking in the green across the way laugh as I appeared rather disgruntled at the door in my towel!  And it also makes me happy as they phoned me concerned about my custom and made the effort to sort the box themselves.  I wasn't planning of leaving, but it was nice to be fussed over, so all the better!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 4 #100happydays

Today has been very productive, but also very undemanding.  We have done all those little things that need to be done.  A lazy start followed by a dog walk, with one wet dog!

Lots of people laughed at him swimming after the ducks in the park.  Then a trip to my favourite shop to get some fresh food.

Lots of fresh stuff for dinner!  I cooked the tomatoes while the other half sorted out the bikes for summer and the pipes under the sink!

Its been a useful and productive Sunday.  I also bumped into people out on my travels, which I always enjoy, and doesn't happen much since we moved, but thats a sign we are settling and also a sign that it is getting warmer!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Day 3 #100happydays

Today we have rationalised the two storage units into one, saving ourselves quite a bit of money!  And also we have brought home all this!

Maybe its a party, or just some creative cooking time!  Also while we sorted the storage the Menace went climbing with his friend and had a great time.  normally he is scared, but he made it to the top and so he is happy too!  But the biggest chuckle of the day goes to him (the Menace) announcing during dinner that he sailing buddy is not called Eagle!  (no, he is Igor!)  that really made me giggle!