Friday, 28 February 2014

Day 2 #100happydays

Before I lose my good mood, as I am prone to focussing on the negative at the moment, hence this blog.

This is to remind me of my lovely walk with the dog this morning, oh and a coffee!  I love my time with Man's Best Friend, and also that we use our animals as social props to engage in conversation with other dog walkers.  I had a delightful chat with a man about his dog, who was older and more sedate than mine.  And had another lovely chat with a woman who had a very cute labradoodle/cockapoo cross, what a mouthful to talk about! (as in the long name)

I also had a very welcome quiet lull this evening, when all were out (unexpectedly) and I sat and read a very useful paper on ethnography, it is always satisfying when you read a particularly good paper, that you know will come in handy!  It makes that rare moment of time seem all the more productive.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Day 1 #100happydays

I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and see if I can be happy for 100 days, as many other people are doing this.  It has also been triggered by an argument this week, which could have been avoided if I was not dwelling on the past or living anxiously for the future.  So in the spirit of mindfulness I want to focus on where I am now and find peace and happiness there.  So here goes...

This is my messy desk space - we moved here 5 months ago and up until now my working from home has been done on my laptop on my knee.  My other half made me a working space so I don't have to keep putting everything away to get it all out again, and its lovely to have my own little messy haven again!  Its important to leave things out when writing!