Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 111 #100happydays

Resolved some outstanding issues with assignments. Phew!

Day 110 #100happydays

Funeral arrangements all sorted, and sleepovers arranged.  Thank goodness for those friends again!  The Menace's dyslexia report has come in and the school are being supportive, so all good!

Day 109 #100happydays

THE birthday party today, they phoned just before to say they couldn't do a swimming party as a child had been ill in the pool.  I marched there, got them to swap to the other pool, and we got a bouncy castle thrown in too!  Very stressful, but all done for another year!  Thank goodness!  Plus all seemed happy, so its okay!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Day 108 #100happydays

The birthday celebrations still going on, the Menace had his friend over.  Lots of play, and lots of pottering for me. I do enjoy a spot of pottering.

Day 107 #100happydays

Not a birthday, always a good thing!  I went and had lunch with some old relatives.  It was nice to catch up with family in London, as most of my family live outside town! Then we had the mine craft game, or trying to set it up.  One happy post birthday boy though!  The weary traveller returned from his father's boat, as he has been travelling to and fro for two weeks now, sorting out the death.  We went for a pint together and the neighbour had the Menace.  Good to be part of a community.

Day 106 #100happydays

The Menace had a lovely birthday (I think).  He was happy with his presents although he would have preferred not to have learning things, so he said. He had his friends over for tea, and other than the usual tantrums, he seems to have enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day 105 #100happydays

The Menace is excited about his birthday tomorrow.  I am struggling with this whole how to deal with Father's Day thing.  I have to realise this is not my issue!  We're back on whose worry is it?

Day 104 #100happydays

I really enjoyed today, I was at home and got a lot done!

Day 103 #100happydays

In to work to mop up issues from exam board, and a good catch up with a colleague, which helped me put things into perspective.

Day 102 #100happydays

A Sunday loafing!  On the green with the neighbours.  Lovely and lazy!

Day 101 #100happydays

Obviously, the challenge is now over, but I want to see if I can find peace and contentment for longer than 100 days, so I am going for 365!  Today we had a busy day at home.  The Menace went sailing with his friends then went to a party, and we went to see Arcade Fire.  They were Awesome!

I probably shouldn't mention on here my humiliation as my dog misbehaved in the park and a celebrity shouted at me...  Not sure which event stayed with me the most, this or the gig!

Day 100 #100happydays

Caught up with some old friends in the morning before I went home.  It was nice to visit St Albans and realise that I don't have that same wrench when I leave anymore.  Came back via work...

The challenge for peace in this world carries on...

Day 99 #100happydays

Dreadful day for the Other Half, busy drive to register his father's death then back to pick up the Menace for me, so I can go and host book club.  I had a lovely evening, although I drank rather a lot! Stayed over so was able to be the hostess with the mostess.  I am very grateful to the Other Half even while he is going through this awful time.

Day 98 #100happydays

Another busy but productive work day.

Day 97 #100happydays

Successful day at work for the team.  We got reapproval from the CIPD.

Day 96 #100happydays

Up early, working with the Menace, to help him with his dyslexia.  I quite like it in the morning, we work well together then, as there are not the distractions of other friends wanting to play.

Day 95 #100happydays

Friends over for lunch, lovely day.  These are good friends of the Other Half, so nice to get to know them better.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Day 94 #100happydays

New car sorted!

Day 93 #100happydays

Went to look at new cars, which was fun and met up in the park with the Menace's old best friend's mum, as he came back with us and stayed the night.  We had a lovely walk and a chat.  Again I count myself lucky with friends.

Day 92 #100happydays

Back home after half term, and it has been lovely to be away, but now ready for home.  Also glad to see that I now appreciate home more, I don't feel that longing and miss my old life as much as I used to.