Thursday, 29 May 2014

Day 91 #100happydays

Radical acceptance day, students are baying for me as there is an issue with marking and the other half also needs me, so keeping calm, it is what it is.

Day 90 #100happydays

Bad news for the other half, a call out of the blue to say his father died.  It made me realise how lucky I am to have such good friends as all rallied round to help me to cover the childcare in case I needed to go with him, but he decided to go alone.

A lovely evening out with some old mates, again, so grateful for my friends.

Day 89 #100happydays

The bank holiday, and the Menace and i are going to visit St Albans and catch up with friends.  We had a lovely evening, settling in at a friends and lots of people came round for a catch up.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 88 #100happydays

I am feeling much calmer about all the "school stuff" due to the assessment, and also due to another friend who is feeling blue, I was able to put my own stuff in perspective.  Had a lovely day sorting out stuff at home. The Menace and I played a bit of badminton and table tennis and I am firming up a plan to help him with his learning.

Day 87 #100happydays

I picked up the Menace from his friend's and we came home watched the X-men and settled down for a quiet evening.  A more relaxed day than the rest of the week!

Day 86 #100happydays

Today was a better day than yesterday, I am over the cusp of the work stress, that always comes with marking and moderation.  I am over my forgetting the counselling meeting for the Menace yesterday. And I was a also good humoured about being late for the theatre and sitting on the steps for the first half!

Also the Menace had his assessment today, it turns out he is a high functioning dyslexic, so I am relieved that he is not just lazy and now feel equipped to be able to help him.  I know the areas he is struggling with and I am able to help. Phew!  They will always be hard for him, but they aren't impossible for him to overcome and do well at school.

He was excited about seeing his old best friend and that meant we had the chance to go out as mentioned earlier, without me feeling guilty that we were out again, and he was home with a babysitter.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day 85 #100happydays

Its radical acceptance day!  I am irritable, I have too much to do.  I have apologised, I am not beating myself up any more! I know I keep snapping but I can't be apologetic all the time!

Day 84 #100happydays

More marking, then to a brilliant gig in the evening.  I was getting impatient, but then they came on and they were fabulous! This picture doesn't do it justice!

A blurry picture of the bearded brilliance!

Day 83 #100happydays

A very busy day moderating.  It took all day!  At least we can say we were thorough!

Day 82 #100happydays

A Monday at home, working.  A chance to get things done.

Day 79, 80, 81 & 82 #100happydays

Its been a funny time, I am stressed with work, and then there seems to be little time for enjoyment.  However I enjoyed the peace at the hospice, while the Menace had his counselling.  I also had lunch with the other half on the Friday after a stressful morning of moderation, followed by an impromptu drink with my neighbour and friend at the "wall bar" in the evening.  The weekend was successful in terms of sorting things, and on Sunday had a heart to heart with the Other Half, about working together better.

I am grateful to friends who support me, and the patience of my family. Work is always hard at this time of year.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Day 78 #100happydays

I love this!

It summed up my feelings over the last few days.  I need to be confident in my decisions, they are valid, and enjoy my life.  Don't apologise for who you are....

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day 77 #100happydays

Another difficult day to find the positive.  It started with a bizarre conversation with a mum about the amount of tutoring of other children, which caused a weird response in me.  Firstly I thought I am a bad mum, then I thought, actually he is doing well, just the results are skewed by the hothouse kids!

Then I reacted badly to some issues with students concerned about their exam.  I have come across these things before, but I was not feeling string and took it all personally, sought validation from my other half, who did not get it and therefore felt frustrated.  Not helped by the dog going off with the dinner.

So... the positive...

I recognise that class stats are skewed.
I rescued the dinner from the dog, albeit with teeth marks in.
I managed to go for a walk and release my tension on the outdoors not on the other half.

And my sister made me giggle - although this sounds sick. My father's dog died on Sunday, but he replaced her on Monday with another similar dog, named the same.  Its all very Solomon Grundy and it made me giggle.

Hopefully more fun tomorrow!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Day 76 #100happydays

I have to say that today has been a struggle.  I have had to work hard to stay on top of those "bad thoughts".  Having had a lovely weekend visiting my late hubby's family, I have slipped into guilt easily.  Moving forward, ironically a strong topic of conversation with my friends in Blenheim Park, is not always that straightforward.

However work hard I have...

I have enjoyed the abundance of green in the park, whilst walking my dog on his birthday walk,  And chatting to someone about how he is now seven years old, yes seven, imagine!

I also enjoyed the walk home with the Menace and his friend and the giggles at the random things they picked up.  I was nervous about the postcard from his friend on the French trip he wanted to go on, but didn't, but this did not cause a reaction, only one in me!

Sometimes it is my own fear of reaction that is the problem, not the thing I am dwelling on!
I am also happy to have blinds on the window again!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day 75 #100happydays

The Menace had a play date this afternoon, so I had some time out with the other half.  We went for a lovely meal together, and a good ol' catch up.  Sometimes its just good to talk!

Day 74 #100happydays

A blustery day in the rain at Blenheim Palace.  We picnicked in the rain, and aught up with friends.  Two of my old polytechnic buddies.  A lovely day.  The Menace started the day with a spot of honey making! Or rather processing, the bees did the making...

Day 73 #100happydays

Hard working day, followed by a trip to Oxford, for me and the Menace.  He also started his new swimming lessons and started by sneaking in some quick play time with a friend.  Good to see him enjoying himself.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Day 72 #100happydays

More marking done.  More productivity. And had to giggle at this guy in the park, doing his headstands...

A very happy Menace today, which of course, leads to a happy mummy!  His Uncle came into school and told them all about brains.

Day 71 #100happydays

I went for a run, I am very unfit, so I am pleased that I had a go.  Met up with an old work colleague.  A pleasant evening out.

Day 70 #100happydays

Busy day, followed by an evening at a dog class! The day could have been fraught, sorting out the exam issue from the week before, but it all went fine.  Then the dog class, about mental stimulation. This was hilarious! Very ironic to pay £25 to find out how to make free toys.  I enjoyed giggling!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Day 69 #100happydays

Bank Holiday Monday!  We watched Avatar and walked the dog.  Lazy days are fun days.  Then another impromptu drink in the pub with the neighbours.  Getting to know a few people around, which is lovely.

Day 68 #100happydays

Slightly hard of thinking today! (too much wine last night)  Luckily the Menace has a day with a friend so I can have a lazy day. Snooping around the vintage market and eating lardy breakfasts!

Day 67 #100happydays

Friends over for an afternoon, I made lots of lovely food and enjoyed the company.  As there were small kids involved everyone left early and we had an impromptu evening in our local with neighbours.  I love those kind of things....

Day 66 #100happydays

The Employment Law exam today.  A number of issues, but I have remained calm, as there is no other thing I can do, so it is pointless getting wound up about it.