Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 86 #100happydays

Today was a better day than yesterday, I am over the cusp of the work stress, that always comes with marking and moderation.  I am over my forgetting the counselling meeting for the Menace yesterday. And I was a also good humoured about being late for the theatre and sitting on the steps for the first half!

Also the Menace had his assessment today, it turns out he is a high functioning dyslexic, so I am relieved that he is not just lazy and now feel equipped to be able to help him.  I know the areas he is struggling with and I am able to help. Phew!  They will always be hard for him, but they aren't impossible for him to overcome and do well at school.

He was excited about seeing his old best friend and that meant we had the chance to go out as mentioned earlier, without me feeling guilty that we were out again, and he was home with a babysitter.

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