Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 173 #100happydays

I am struggling a bit at the moment, not a surprise, I suspect.  I find it hard to move forward, I try not to, but I hold on to old behaviours. Having just finished a holiday, which involved my family and my new life, not always a perfect mix, and then spending 4 days at my parents, grappling with my emotions of my mothers ever failing, but not so close to the edge, health, and my father's controlling behaviour, I have come home slightly angry with the world and I know I am being more assertive than I normally am.

This may not be a bad thing, but people don't like the dynamics to change and I am not sure it will be well received. I just feel fed up with being criticised, I know that is the way of the world, but it is draining.  I need to stop search for approval and enjoy just being me.

So I will!