Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Day 76 #100happydays

I have to say that today has been a struggle.  I have had to work hard to stay on top of those "bad thoughts".  Having had a lovely weekend visiting my late hubby's family, I have slipped into guilt easily.  Moving forward, ironically a strong topic of conversation with my friends in Blenheim Park, is not always that straightforward.

However work hard I have...

I have enjoyed the abundance of green in the park, whilst walking my dog on his birthday walk,  And chatting to someone about how he is now seven years old, yes seven, imagine!

I also enjoyed the walk home with the Menace and his friend and the giggles at the random things they picked up.  I was nervous about the postcard from his friend on the French trip he wanted to go on, but didn't, but this did not cause a reaction, only one in me!

Sometimes it is my own fear of reaction that is the problem, not the thing I am dwelling on!
I am also happy to have blinds on the window again!

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