Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day 77 #100happydays

Another difficult day to find the positive.  It started with a bizarre conversation with a mum about the amount of tutoring of other children, which caused a weird response in me.  Firstly I thought I am a bad mum, then I thought, actually he is doing well, just the results are skewed by the hothouse kids!

Then I reacted badly to some issues with students concerned about their exam.  I have come across these things before, but I was not feeling string and took it all personally, sought validation from my other half, who did not get it and therefore felt frustrated.  Not helped by the dog going off with the dinner.

So... the positive...

I recognise that class stats are skewed.
I rescued the dinner from the dog, albeit with teeth marks in.
I managed to go for a walk and release my tension on the outdoors not on the other half.

And my sister made me giggle - although this sounds sick. My father's dog died on Sunday, but he replaced her on Monday with another similar dog, named the same.  Its all very Solomon Grundy and it made me giggle.

Hopefully more fun tomorrow!

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