Friday, 28 February 2014

Day 2 #100happydays

Before I lose my good mood, as I am prone to focussing on the negative at the moment, hence this blog.

This is to remind me of my lovely walk with the dog this morning, oh and a coffee!  I love my time with Man's Best Friend, and also that we use our animals as social props to engage in conversation with other dog walkers.  I had a delightful chat with a man about his dog, who was older and more sedate than mine.  And had another lovely chat with a woman who had a very cute labradoodle/cockapoo cross, what a mouthful to talk about! (as in the long name)

I also had a very welcome quiet lull this evening, when all were out (unexpectedly) and I sat and read a very useful paper on ethnography, it is always satisfying when you read a particularly good paper, that you know will come in handy!  It makes that rare moment of time seem all the more productive.

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