Monday, 31 March 2014

Day 32, 33 #100happydays

A lovely weekend...

Saturday The Menace and I went back to our old town, to pick up the car, and to catch up with some friends.  Whilst there we also booked him and his friend on a PGL holiday in the summer.   His first time away from me, on his own, not with other family - I am terrified for him, but also excited, and so is he.  He said he will be like Harry Potter, as The Other Half pointed out, "without the magic".

It seems a big step for me, but definitely the right thing for him.  We then came home via Toys R Us, where he informed me that we should always go there as Hamleys was overpriced, I know that, but pleased that he realised.

Then an impromptu night out with The Other Half, we were meant to go across town, but for various reasons didn't so we were "locals" and went to the Jazz Club, then our local pub, which has not been somewhere we have frequented.  I actually knew people in there, and a sense of belonging is such a nice feeling for me.

Sunday we did a big bike ride with lunch, and I cannot express what a lovely weekend that was.  So lovely, I forgot to take any pictures!  Also bumping into people on our bike ride, also gave me a sense of locality again, something I have missed since we moved.

It is nice to be home....

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