Monday, 3 March 2014

Day 5 #100happydays

Today I made pizza.  Firstly the Menace had friends around and the eating demands were complicated so we did build your own pizza, it was fun and they all chose to put faces on them.  Then I threw down the gauntlet and told them to have some 'no screens' play, the noise in the house went up considerably.

Having cheated with the kids I made pizza again for us, and made the dough, I had some image of professional pizza hood, but without the necessary tools, and having made the pizzas couldn't transfer them to the oven and I did not have a huge pizza spatula (or whatever you call them), we were in fits! It was those proper belly laughs, always so fulfilling!

Here they are, rather misshapen, but very tasty, and providing a good laugh!

And my other moment of happiness...having waited all morning for it, my delivery, of course arrived when I was in the shower!

I made the woman walking in the green across the way laugh as I appeared rather disgruntled at the door in my towel!  And it also makes me happy as they phoned me concerned about my custom and made the effort to sort the box themselves.  I wasn't planning of leaving, but it was nice to be fussed over, so all the better!

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