Sunday, 16 March 2014

Day 18 #100happydays

This is really for yesterday, I fell asleep last night!
For me, this blog is about learning to be content, not have a boom and bust attitude to feelings, which has tended to be my way.

So here is a picture of the park -

It signifies a rather chaotic, but happy walk with a friend and her new dog, and three children, all off in different angles and places!  It was lovely, just because it was a hive of activity and a sunny day.  I also helped an old man who fell over, he was very confused and we stopped, and that in itself makes you feel like a good citizen, but the other woman who stopped, also added how well behaved my son was, which is always nice, a moment of pride in your child, for standing there, holding the dog and waiting patiently, not complaining. Bless him!

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