Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day 24 & 25 #100happydays

Yesterday I had invited lots of the mums from school over.  This was a big thing for me, as I had felt uneasy (and a bit desperate) but I knew that as The Other Half was away I needed to spend the weekend at home, not always run back to my past, this wasn't very good for The Menace.  So there were 8 of us for dinner, and it was very enjoyable.  I made enough food for the whole class, but thats okay, we will eat a lot of curry this week.

I was still nervous today, but lots of texts and e mails indicate that people enjoyed it, and it was a worthwhile venture.  I also enjoyed the fact that I bumped into people this morning and know them.  I feel I have finally settled.

The Menace and I then met up with his old best friend for the afternoon, it was lovely, and i now feel able to mix both the past friends and have a present.  I feel I am beginning to live in the Here and Now!  Although I recognise it would be easy to slip back into old ways and I need to concentrate on my awareness of those emotions.

I hope The Other Half is enjoying his little break, I have enjoyed my time with The Menace, but I am looking forwards to his return.

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