Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 160 #100happydays

We are all together, it was my nephew's birthday yesterday and we had a big celebration.  I have been doing some thinking and resolving the issues in my head.  I sometimes struggle with whose life I am leading, my own, or others.  I don't need approval to be myself.  My brother got me to put the Menace on this sailing holiday after Kevin died, he thought it would be good for him to learn with his cousins.

Enjoying the sailing holiday, but recognising the limitations of this as an expensive hobby, and unless there is real commitment to it, the need to bow out.  The Menace is enjoying it, but is not as gung-ho as his cousins and maybe we need to find our own path for next year.  The cost is too much to carry on if not really sure that it is something you want to do.

The Menace enjoys the social side of this week, but not so much the sailing, so maybe it is time to invest time in something he would prefer.

However, to have got this far, has been a real accomplishment.

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