Saturday, 19 July 2014

Day 144 #100happydays

Day 144 was yesterday.  It is very hot and the storms are brewing, so I am up reflecting on the year.  It is now Saturday and the school has broken up for the summer.  The Menace is upstairs basking in the glory of the first day off, and it has been a reflective week for me.  I went to watch his sports day on Monday, fully aware that this was the say last year that we started our new journey.  He started school on sports day, the last week of term in Year 4.

Yesterday when they all broke up we went off to Butterfield Green and there was a little party (mainly for year one, but some of us Year 5's tagged along).  Last year we missed the party on Butterfield Green because we went of the the Larmer Tree Festival.  I wanted to go again this year, but couldn't make it work, so have my eyes on another festival instead.

It was lovely to sit with everyone and join in.  Our house became the place all the small children went to the loo (must clean it today, smells like a school toilet!)  But wow, this year has been a journey and I can't help but look back and feel proud.  The Other Half, despite being grumpy recently also came out and joined in, and I had a real sense of arrival!

Whether I can sustain that, I do not know, whether it matters, I do not know.  I enjoy these moments of pride, when I realise how far we have travelled in our lives.  This year we relocated, settled in new schools, jobs, lived with new people (the other half and me) and worked at becoming Londoners!

Next year, will no doubt bring other challenges, but I shall enjoy the summer break and the sense of pride while I can!

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